Does Canada have a plan for rebuilding the military?


With Canada’s allies, including some of our closest friends, telling us the World needs more Canada we have to ask ourselves, Is there a plan to achieve this? Alternatively, will Canada, once again, get up from the table and walk

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Canada’s Submarines: Replace or Abandon for the Silent Service?

In all the discussion concerning the current recapitalization of Canada’s military, there has been a virtual silence concerning the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine capability. Silence, that is, from the government of the day. Various pundits have opined that the silence

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Defence $$$ Shortfall Transparency


Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan repeated recently a line that Canada, and out allies have heard before. Canada’s failure to meet the 2% NATO target, but it shouldn’t matter because we contribute materially. It is, of course, a foolish and empty

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Baby Steps


In the midst of the Trump win in the US Election there has been much gnashing of teeth and a flurry of editorials on how the new President-Elect’s policies might affect Canada. Opinions range from “Wait it out, he won’t

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Taking Better Care of Veterans

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If you are one of Canada’s Veterans you are probably familiar with dealing with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). Some of that experience will have been positive, some negative. The one thing that virtually all those experiences will have in common? You

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Why am I Frustrated?


Why am I frustrated, why am I seriously considering giving up on Defence Issues in Canada? We are being sold a bill of goods on defence issues, and there is no push back from those with the voice to challenge

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Sorry About Lack of Updates

Since the Federal Election I’ve been pretty quiescent. Waiting to see how our new LPC masters will reply to the very real needs of Canada’s military. I had high hopes. Or I was high. Who can tell? In either case I

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Happy New Year!

1736 folks views my blog, seeing 6703 pages. I hope I achieved my goals of making you think, or at least giving you a chuckle.  My thanks to my readers. Without you this blog is a waste of electrons.  Have

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Merry Christmas!

To all my readers, I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and making my blog far more successful than I thought it would be. Steve Daly C.D.

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An Ocean of Opportunity?

An Army Air Corps Apache helicopter takes off from HMS Ocean during Operation Ellamy, the UK's contribution to UNSCR1973 in the Mediterranean Sea near Libya.

Should Canada Acquire HMS Ocean?

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