Twin Option for the Twin Otters: Simple Solutions are often the Best

Converting NAPS to Acquisitions … or, DND attitudes towards Canadian Aircraft Makers The National Aircraft Procurement System (NAPS) does not exist – but an outside observer could be forgiven for thinking that there was a real ‘NAPS’. For those making

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Twin Otters for Twin Otters – Buying ‘New’ makes financial sense … so does adding similar Guardian 400 surveillance aircraft to the mix

Ed: In my previous Op/Ed article, Twin Options for the Twin Otters – Simple Solutions are often the Best, I noted that the cost of buying brand-new Series 400 Twin Otters from Victoria’s Viking Air is only a tad more

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The Defence of Democracy

Readers of mine will know that I am an ardent supporter of the Canadian Forces, and by extension Canadian democracy. I do this through my various writings as advocacy of a better prepared Canadian military that can carry out the

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Name For The Navy

When Irving Shipbuilding starts construction of the new Canadian Surface Combatants for the Royal Canadian Navy, there will be a great deal of discussion on how these ships should be named. Two main themes emerge if we study how Corvettes,

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Federal Fighter Fiasco

Anyone who follows defence issues in Canada is well aware of the Liberal government’s ongoing plan to sole-source 18 Boeing Super Hornet fighters to augment our current legacy Hornet fleet. This is to be an “interim” measure, with the new

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RCAF CF-156B for the COIN Role?

Note: This was originally published on the Canadian American Strategic Review in July 2008. The content is slightly outdated, but is offered here unedited to show how Canada has missed an opportunity. With even the USAF now looking at light

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A Fighting Chance – Canadian Technology to Save Lives

Canadians can be rightfully proud of Canadian innovations in Search And Rescue (SAR) such as the Survival Kit, Air Droppable (SKAD Pack) and the use of satellites as part of the SAR toolbox. There is room to leverage technology even

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Seasons Greetings!

No matter what special occasion you and yours celebrate this time of year, please know you have my wishes for a healthy and happy time. And here’s wishing the New Year brings health, happiness and fortune to us all.

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Does an ‘Interim Supply Ship’ solution for the Royal Canadian Navy suggest a more permanent gap-filling for the RCN’s AOR shortfall?

Originally Published on Canadian American Strategic Review October 2015 With the retirement of both of Canada’s auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) ships, HMCS Protecteur and HMCS Preserver, the Royal Canadian Navy is without at-sea supply ships of  its own. Canadian naval

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Canadian Coast Guard Helicopters – Converting available Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclones to enhance capabilities of new Polar Icebreaker

Originally published on Canadian American Strategic Review October 2014 When the new Polar class icebreaker,  CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, enters service early next decade the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) will be equipped with a state of the art platform for

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CASR has announced that it will cease operations on 31/December/2016.

I have grateful to have been given the opportunity to write for them, and to repost my material on Defence Muse.

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