Should Canada acquire the Mistral-class built for Russia?

Mistral class

Mistral-class Projection, Command and Control ship.

Now a moot point. The two Mistral-class have been sold to Egypt.

The fate of the two Mistral-class ships built for Russia remains up in the air. Potential buyers have included Canada, NATO, China and even the US. There has even been a suggestion that France may simply choose to scuttle the ships as a cost savings matter.

So the question is, should Canada be looking to purchase the ships?

My answer: Yes we should!

  1. They are not budgeted for, but Canada is a rich country that can easily afford them.
  2. The vessels are incomplete, meaning that Canadianization is actually simplified.
  3. They would offer a massive boost in capability for the RCN, to be used in:
    • Disaster Relief
    • Emergency evacuation of Canadian Citizens from at-risk areas
    • Force deployment for military operations
  4. Canada has made a point of drawing a hard line on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Buying the ships built for them is a continuation of that policy.
  5. The ships were built with Arctic operations in mind, which certainly suits Canada.

Feel free to add comments.


15 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. I now write to let the thoughts in my head get out where I can see 'em. :)

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6 comments on “Should Canada acquire the Mistral-class built for Russia?
  1. Cabo says:

    Great Idea! We could station one each on the east and west coast and build a force projection squadron with a new air defence destroyer and 2 frigates. Mistral could embark Chinooks and attack helicopters.
    We should then followup with a blue water navy consisting of the following; 3 RAS ships, 4 more air defence destroyers, 12 frigates and 8-10 long range ocean going submarines. For pacific deployment I would say nuclear powered propulsion but we know that will never get pas our passive politicians.


  2. Kevin says:

    Ive always thought an LHD type vessel should be a priority, after all we are part of the G7 yet have no real ability to “forward deploy” much force in any type of high threat scenario, let alone the Logistical challenges the RCN faces in peacetime.

    ive seen quite a few people talk about “modifying” them with a RAS Jack & Crane to act as both and LHD & a “light duty” RAS ship for the navy,which would be very useful.

    Personally id just scrap NSPS for the navy, go buy 3 Karel-Doormans (pretty much what we had in mid with JSS) for a solid 1.5B out of the 2.6B for the Project, and then use the left over 1.1B to fund a second Ice breaker for the Coast guard and keep the Shipyard Happy.

    More Ice breaking
    More AOR Capability
    More Lift Capability


    Then if possible find then funds for a Mistral, and maybe some Commando Cyclones, once the AAW CSC is complete, the RCN would be able to go anywhere and bring whatever they needed in any threat scenario, which is a far cry from its current state.


  3. MarcManCan says:

    Yes we should, but I doubt we will because it makes too much sense


  4. Marc Coulombe says:

    Unfortunately you’re asking Ottawa to use a common sense approach to spending tax payers money. We all would like to see a Canadian built solution but at what cost? I agree this purchase would scale down the capital expenditure Canadians would have to burden and it would speed up delivery time. “Canadianizing” these ships would still mean employment at Canadian shipyards. First the politicians would have to show the cost savings to tax payers and then make the shipyards realize they can’t have their cake and eat it too. With the world’s largest coastline it’s time to re-build our Navy to what it should be!


  5. Paul Hammond says:

    Love the idea…only question would be what type of transport helicopter to use. Chinooks or Cyclones. Maybe a mix of both.


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