Name For The Navy

When Irving Shipbuilding starts construction of the new Canadian Surface Combatants for the Royal Canadian Navy, there will be a great deal of discussion on how these ships should be named. Two main themes emerge if we study how Corvettes, Frigates and Destroyers of the RCN have been named.

Basically, these ships have been named to honour the Indigenous Peoples of Canada or Communities. World War Two saw community names for the Flower-class corvettes and indigenous names for the Tribal-class destroyers. This naming pattern would live on in the names of the Iroquois-class DDG’s and the Halifax-class Canadian Patrol Frigates.

One glaring hole strikes me though, an oversight of rather large proportions. One of Canada’s largest cities was not included as a name of a City-class frigate. The indigenous peoples of the area have also been overlooked. That oversight is Mississauga, Canada’s 6th largest city, and also the Mississauga People who gave the city its name. No Canadian warship has carried the name, now would be a excellent time to correct this.

For the City of Mississauga such a ship would carry the name around the world as she carries out her duties. For the RCN the benefit is even more clear. The Greater Toronto Area is Canada’s most densely populated area. Having a ship whose namesake city is in the area can’t help but to strengthen ties between the area and the Navy.

The time to start lobbying for HMCS Mississauga is now, before the vessels start construction. No matter what naming scheme is chosen, the name will get a fair hearing.

Who knows, perhaps the first ship off the ways will be HMCS Mississauga herself, leader of the new Mississauga-class vessels of the RCN.


15 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. I now write to let the thoughts in my head get out where I can see 'em. :)

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