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That sinking, slinking feeling

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has in its possession a report which details delays in Canada’s shipbuilding program. We know the information contained in that report can’t be good, if it was good news the government would be

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Procurement Politics

Observers of Canada’s tortuous military procurement system have long since come to the conclusion that there are major problems. We have lost far too much procurement expertise and that lack of skilled procurement professionals is hampering our ability to acquire

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The Defence of Democracy

Readers of mine will know that I am an ardent supporter of the Canadian Forces, and by extension Canadian democracy. I do this through my various writings as advocacy of a better prepared Canadian military that can carry out the

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Persistence of  Vision  –  The Key to Asserting National Sovereignty

Originally Published on Canadian American Strategic Review March 2015 Surveillance of  Canadian territory in the High Arctic is problematic at the best of times. This is especially true of  the Northwest Passage. The various issues are well understood: lack of infrastructure

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FWSAR and Innovation

Canada has finally reached a decision on a new Fixed Wing Search And Rescue aircraft, choosing the EADS/CASA C295 airframe as the winner of the competition, and the contract. 16 aircraft will be acquired to replace the CC-115 Buffalo and

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Does Canada have a plan for rebuilding the military?

With Canada’s allies, including some of our closest friends, telling us the World needs more Canada we have to ask ourselves, Is there a plan to achieve this? Alternatively, will Canada, once again, get up from the table and walk

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Canada’s Submarines: Replace or Abandon for the Silent Service?

In all the discussion concerning the current recapitalization of Canada’s military, there has been a virtual silence concerning the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine capability. Silence, that is, from the government of the day. Various pundits have opined that the silence

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Defence $$$ Shortfall Transparency

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan repeated recently a line that Canada, and out allies have heard before. Canada’s failure to meet the 2% NATO target, but it shouldn’t matter because we contribute materially. It is, of course, a foolish and empty

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Baby Steps

In the midst of the Trump win in the US Election there has been much gnashing of teeth and a flurry of editorials on how the new President-Elect’s policies might affect Canada. Opinions range from “Wait it out, he won’t

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Why am I Frustrated?

Why am I frustrated, why am I seriously considering giving up on Defence Issues in Canada? We are being sold a bill of goods on defence issues, and there is no push back from those with the voice to challenge

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CASR has announced that it will cease operations on 31/December/2016.

I have grateful to have been given the opportunity to write for them, and to repost my material on Defence Muse.

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