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The Defence of Democracy

Readers of mine will know that I am an ardent supporter of the Canadian Forces, and by extension Canadian democracy. I do this through my various writings as advocacy of a better prepared Canadian military that can carry out the

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Seasons Greetings!

No matter what special occasion you and yours celebrate this time of year, please know you have my wishes for a healthy and happy time. And here’s wishing the New Year brings health, happiness and fortune to us all.

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Does Canada have a plan for rebuilding the military?

With Canada’s allies, including some of our closest friends, telling us the World needs more Canada we have to ask ourselves, Is there a plan to achieve this? Alternatively, will Canada, once again, get up from the table and walk

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Baby Steps

In the midst of the Trump win in the US Election there has been much gnashing of teeth and a flurry of editorials on how the new President-Elect’s policies might affect Canada. Opinions range from “Wait it out, he won’t

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An Ocean of Opportunity?

Should Canada Acquire HMS Ocean?

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A Bare Cupboard

HMCS Preserver

We read the stories in the news all the time, an economic downturn forces more folks to use food banks even as the economy causes donations to dry up. Images of shelves, picked bare by those simply trying to survive,

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Election 42, what I’ve learned.

As we coming to Election Day I reflect on what I’ve learned during the campaign. There has been no shortage of rhetoric, no shortage of messages of “hope” or “despair” or “fear”. No shortages really of any message concerning any

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Please Sir? May I have some more?

Veterans, not all, but many, are organizing in a political way that this country has not seen since the general demobilization following the Second World War and Korea. Veterans are being noticed in the political realm and have a power

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Leveraging Leisure

Since the time of the earliest “organized” barbarian hordes, the entertainment offered to warriors has reflected a chance to continue training in a less formal setting, while still relieving the stresses of the workday. In the barbarian setting this might

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F-35 Musings, what’s Missing?

War is Boring recently published a report on the limitations of the F-35 Lightning II when faced with a simulated air-to-air combat engagement against an F-16 Fighting Falcon,  one of the aircraft the Lightning II is meant to replace. A flurry of

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CASR has announced that it will cease operations on 31/December/2016.

I have grateful to have been given the opportunity to write for them, and to repost my material on Defence Muse.

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